Periodic Markets


  • The attic in the square - Seano
    Seano - Pista Rossa area - Via Statale - all day 

The second Sunday of the month offers a meeting point for genuine fans of bric-a-brac, an honest-to-goodness flea market held in Seano with stalls of "old stuff" and displays of various knick-knacks, found in basements and attics. There are also several stands boasting the pride of our district’s local artisanal products. Evoking long-ago memories and images, the curious can remain at the market all day long. Not held in August.

  • Antiques corner in Carmignano
    Carmignano - Piazza Matteotti - from morning to evening

On the first Sunday of each month, the main square of Carmignano comes alive with multicolored stalls showcasing rare commodities, the result of a thrill for the hunt and meticulous observation. Replete with a hint of discovery and a taste for business, participants are accompanied by this mood throughout the day on Sunday, both outdoors and at the former Niccolini cellars.
Now a Carmignano tradition, the market is not held during the month of August.