The art of pastry has its roots in the Middle Ages and still maintains its high level of excellence today. Fochi amaretti have been proof of this since 1897.
The recipe for these unique cookies dates back to the nineteenth century. They were invented by Giovanni Bellini di Carmignano (who was nicknamed I Fochi for his impetuous personality).

His unique talent has given an original taste to the amaretti di Carmignano and continues to distinguish this biscuit from the macaroons produced elsewhere. A biscuit the size of a walnut, with an amber color and a round shape. It is a little softer than the other macaroons with an unforgettable almond flavor. This small shop is located in the place where fresh pasta was made a hundred years ago and preserves the original pasta maker that was led with the help of a mule.

The Bellini Biscuit Factory soon became the place for these wonderful sweets, whose recipe has been handed down from generation to generation. It is a sweet, little more than a walnut, with an amber color and the characteristic round and lumpy shape, due to the artisan process with which it is produced: soft, with a marked aroma and flavor of almond.

  • I’ Fochi - Biscottificio via Roma, 2 - Carmignano | 055 8712033 | Closed Wednesday
    Friend of the Archaeological Museum of Artimino - 10% discount on 1 kg biscuit packages for those who show up with the museum entrance ticket - a free entrance voucher to the museum for every 30 euros spent at the shop