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Dried figs from Carmignano

FigsThe dried figs of Carmignano are a Slow Food PresidiumEver since 1997, thanks to the Municipal Administration incitement, a group of farmers who had never abandoned the production of dried figs from Carmignano, decided to gather their capabilities and their experiences to sow the first seeds of what would become the Association of the Carmignano’s Dried Figs Producers.

The Municipality got in contact with ARSIA (Tuscany Regional Agency for Agriculture Innovation) to provide this traditional production in the territory with a first policy guideline. A specific profile was drafted and thus, the dried fig from Carmignano became one of the 445 traditional products officially registered in the regional list of the typical productions.

The Association seized also the opportunity of including the dried fig from Carmignano in the list of the Slow Food Presidia.  Obtaining the first international success, being “savoured” by Prince Charles of England. In the same year, the graphic  brand of the Association was created and it still appears on each confection commercialised by partners.

List of producers on the site of the Carmignano Dried Figs Producers Association