VinoThree hundred years of wine in Carmignano In 1716 the Medici Bando issued by the Grand Duke Cosimo III De 'Medici established strict rules for the production, harvest and marketing of wine and delimited the area intended for production to the area included in the Barco Reale. That announcement represents the first DOCG ante litteram. Two months earlier, on July 18, again Cosimo, had set up the Congregation that was supposed to control wines "that are committed to navigation", that is, suitable for traveling by sea, wines considered important for the "decorum of the Nation": among them the wine of Carmignano.

The history of Carmignano before and after this event is glorious, but it remains central to the history of our wine as well as that of our territory. 

Thanks to the sun, which ripens the grapes that hang from the green rows for a thousand years now, Carmignano now has a DOCG and four DOCs.
The best known and loved wines of the area are the two reds, Carmignano DOCG and Barco Reale DOC, wines that come from the same vine (as indeed also Vin Ruspo DOC), but which represent two different aging phases, being the second youngest marketed.
Also very famous are the fresh rosť Vin Ruspo DOC and the amber Vin Santo DOC, so good to pair with Amaretti from Carmignano.