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Ancient Stronghold - Carmignano

The colours of the sky and the view that hasn’t equals will lead us to the Rocca. Out from the Propositura of San Michele, you just have to take the footpath that opens in front of you to reach the ancient medieval fortress.

From up there, during clear fogless days, you can admire the gorgeousness of the plain between Florence, Prato and Pistoia: in ancient times the Rocca was an advanced lookout towards the Apennines and Northern Italy. So it’s understandable why Pistoia and Florence had many times made engagements for its control.

A recently realised restoration had given the fortress a new look, making it become the point of meeting between past and future: medieval rocks, rural landscapes and ancient trees fit in with permanent exhibitions of works by Bernhard Rudiger (Homo Italicus Novus), Paolo Parisi (Casa dell’arte - verde cadmio e magenta), Liliana Moro (Campana Sommersa) and Paolo Fabiani (Senza titolo). These works of art find place in the Rocca's area, a space where be visible, contextualise themselves and create a new space for the glance.

The strategic position dominating the plan between Pistoia, Prato and Florence saw violent fights between the various Municipalities for its property. In 1125 it was firstly conquered by Pistoia, which started the fortification of this area. After various events Castruccio Castracani conquered it in 1324. Then, it came under the control of Florence, starting a long period of stability and peace. The current building datable around XVI century, is made up by the rests of the walls and the belfry, known by the name of Campano. In the centre of the stronghold, into a little wood, a small building house some exhibition halls. Since 1990, the Municipality of Carmignano bought the stronghold and made it an exhibition space for cultural events.

During the summer the fortress is open to free access 24 hours a day. During the rest of the year the fortress is open only on Saturday and Sunday